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A Second CHANCE That Makes a Difference

CHANCE main office UCHRA currently operates three (3) Residential Centers: CHANCE for girls, Indian Mound Farm for boys, and Cumberland Mountain School - Youth Impact Center for boys.

The Residential Center’s provide a safe, highly structured, therapeutic environment where each youth knows their value, and with compassion and perseverance, relationships can be restored.  An opportunity to change their lives and discover their strengths and gain confidence needed to lead healthy, harmonious, and productive lives when given a second CHANCE. 

The Centers have had the opportunity to serve youth, ages 12 - 18, and their families, primarily from the Upper Cumberland area of Tennessee for over 20 years and the need for such services continues to grow. Services are occasionally provided to additional regions such as: Tennessee Valley, Mid-Cumberland and others. An average of 175 children are served annually.


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There were no allegations of any type of PREA incidents during the 2015 and 2016 calendar years. The 2016 and 2017 fiscal year audit is being completed at this time.

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Characteristics of the youth we serve, but are not limited to:

Levels of Care

UCHRA Residential Centers contract with the Department of Children Services to provide Level II Residential Care, but in a group setting with around the clock care and counseling.  Referrals are received on youth whom have been placed in State’s Custody by the court systems, which have been adjudicated dependent/neglect, unruly, and/or delinquent.

Program Development

Dr. John Looney, PhD, of Duke University, originally designed the behavioral modification program which provides direction for care of the residents.  For over twenty years the program has proven to be a success. In order to better measure our success, additional Evidence-Based practices have been implemented.  The program and staff have created a family or home like atmosphere which provides a very positive experience for the youth and their families. Staff takes great pride in their jobs and the level of dedication and sacrifice contributes to the high quality of service and treatment of the residents. 

Services Provided

Indian Mound

Each Center has the flexibility to adapt and address the Individual needs on a case by case basis by providing services such as:

Educational Services

Each Center operates a Category 7- Private School that is licensed and approved by both the Department of Education and the Department of Children’s Services.  They serve students enrolled in grades 7-12, which consist of regular and special education programs.  The schools employ licensed special education teachers, as well as a Vocational teacher at Indian Mound School.

Each school provides students with an educational program designed to lead to a Tennessee High School Diploma or a General Equivalency Diploma (GED).  They offer all courses required for graduation in the state of Tennessee.  Instructional curriculum is designed and implemented in accordance with Tennessee Curriculum Standards.

Music Therapy

Music RoomMusic Therapy is offered weekly at all three Centers which is a very effective tool in building self-esteem and providing opportunities for positive expression. We use music as a diversion from peer pressure and negative influences.  Researchers have found that children involved in Music education are more likely to graduate high school and less likely to be involved in gangs and substance abuse.  The variety of individual musical instruments and equipment that is utilized in the Music Therapy program include: Drums, Karaoke, keyboards, guitars, piano and Auto harps. Another part of our Music Therapy program uses interpretive dance which incorporates the use of sign language set to spiritual Christian Music.

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Upper Cumberland Human Resource Agency is a Partner Agency of Second Harvest Food Bank of Middle Tennessee. Second Harvest is a private, not-for- profit, tax exempt organization with a mission to feed hungry people and work to solve hunger issues in our community. Second Harvest works with a network of approximately 500 Partner Agencies like Upper Cumberland Human Resource Agency to distribute food to those in need throughout 46 counties in Middle and West Tennessee. To learn more, visit

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