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UCHRA Van Buren County Head Start

Head Start BuildingThe UCHRA Van Buren County Head Start is a system of early childhood development programs serving three to five year old children from lower income families in our community. Head Start should not be confused with day care. It is so much more! Head Start is an educational and nurturing program which also addresses the emotional and physical needs of each child enrolled. Head Start recognizes that parents are the child’s first and most important teachers. Therefore, parents are important partners involved in the activities of each Head Start center, and training programs for adults are included in the services. Ten percent of Head Start’s enrollment is reserved for children with disabilities. Transportation, medical, dental, nutritional and mental health services are provided for all children.

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UCHRA Van Buren County Head Start

children enjoy a variety of experiences that advance intellectual, physical and emotional growth. Developmentally appropriate learning activities promote self confidence and social competence.

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What Can the Head Start Program Offer Your Child?

Head Start provides children with activities that can help them grow mentally, socially, emotionally, and physically. Head Start staff members offer your child love, acceptance, understanding and the opportunity to learn and to experience success. Head Start children socialize with others, solve problems, and have other experiences which help them become self confident, to grow and learn. Children also improve their listening and speaking skills. Head Start children leave the program prepared for kindergarten, excited about learning and ready to succeed. Your Head Start child will also receive screenings from health professionals, including dental exams and eye /hearing screenings. Mental health and other services are available for children and families of Head Start. Children enjoy a nutritious breakfast, lunch and snack prepared fresh daily on-site.

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What Can the Head Start Program Offer Your Family?

Head Start offers you a sense of belonging, other support services, and a chance to be involved in activities to help your whole family. You can take part in training classes on many subjects from parenting skills to learning about nutrition, utilizing community resources. Head Start also offers assistance to parents to obtain their GED and for furthering their education. You can also volunteer at Head Start, learning more about child development. Parents have a voice in the program by serving on the Parent Committee and/or Policy Council.

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