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8 Steps to Your Cookeville Area Transit


We want to make your ride with CATS as smooth and purrrfect as possible. Therefore, we have developed an eight step guide to help you learn how to use CATS. Riding the bus could not get much easier!

See the new schedule and route HERE!

For bad weather, see the alternate schedule and route HERE!

See the CATS Ride Guide HERE for English!

See the CATS Ride Guide HERE for Spanish!


1. Cookeville Area Transit
Whether you’re a first time rider, a loyal patron or even a veteran, Upper Cumberland Human Resource Agency’s Cookeville Area Transit System welcomes you. CATS want to make riding the bus an easy and enjoyable experience. Cookeville Area Transit System remains dedicated to providing you with fast, easy, professional, and inexpensive transportation around the city of Cookeville and across the Tennessee Technological University campus.

2. Getting Started
We’ll help you get from your starting point to your destination and back, letting you know the exact times and routes the bus runs, as well as, where you need to catch the bus. Simply call a member of our staff at 931-372-8000 or visit our schedule page. Cookeville Area Transit System provides comprehensive accessibility for all riders. The deviated fixed-route bus fleet is fully handicapped accessible. Riders who are challenged and unable to use the bus service may take advantage of UCHRA’s Paratransit Service.

3. Reading the Schedule
Bus schedules provide specific information including the route name, major stops along the route, and easy-to-read, start and stop times, which varies with weekday, evening and weekend service. Schedules are free and available on any bus, and can be picked up from the UCHRA Putnam County Office. Cookeville Area Transit System does not provide service: New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King Day, President’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

4. Riding the Bus
Be sure to get to the bus stop a few minutes early because schedule times may vary slightly due to inclement weather and traffic conditions. Patrons must wait at the designated bus stop area. Before getting on the bus, take a look at the lit display sign over the front windshield to confirm the bus route and final destination. If in doubt, just ask the driver.

5. Paying for Your Trip
Riding the bus is inexpensive. Cost for adults is $1.00 per trip, $3.00 for a day pass, $25 for a 30 trip pass, or $10.00 for a 10 trip pass; children 5 years and under ride free. (Tennessee Technological University students are free with student identification cards.) A ride ticket and all passes can be purchased at the UCHRA Putnam County Office.

6. Loading the Bus
As you get on the bus at the front door, you will need to drop your money or ticket into the fare box next to the driver. If you have any questions about your fare and/or destination, ask the driver BEFORE depositing your money. Patrons will need the EXACT FARE in either coins or dollar bills because the fare box does not make change and the drivers do not have change.

7. Getting Off the Bus
Before the bus approaches the destination, ring the bell by simply pulling the cord. Drivers will announce all major stops. While patrons are still seated, please be sure to gather all belongings. Patrons need to wait for the bus to come to a complete stop before exiting. Remember that surrounding traffic is not required to stop like it is for public school buses, make sure to look before crossing the street.

8. Serving Everyone
We’re Your Bus line. And, as such, we’re here to serve you. If you have comments, complaints and/or suggestions, whether good or bad, we welcome your feedback via phone, 931-372-8000 or email us UCHRA Cookeville Area Transit System and employment opportunities are available without regard to race, color, sex, age, religion, national origin, political affiliation, or disability.

Need assistance in booking your trip with CATS or our other transit services call (931) 372-8000 or 1-800-968-2472 or email to book your trip today.


Reasonable Modification
UCHRA Public Transit will provide reasonable modification of policy and practice upon request to ensure that our transportation services are accessible to people with disabilities. Drivers can make some reasonable accommodations. Contact UCHRA Mobility Coordinator at or 931-520-9589 for Reasonable Modification of your trip, if required.


Go Green - Go Transit!